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🌟 Discover Maia, Our New AI Assistant for Educators! 🤖✨ 
Join us for an exciting webinar where we'll introduce you to Maia, our AI assistant designed to make lesson creation a breeze! 
Thomas will show you how Maia can help you craft engaging lessons in no time! From starting with a blank canvas to incorporating quizzes and polls seamlessly into your slides, Maia's got you covered! 

Highlights include:
✅ Creating entire lessons in less than 2 minutes - Yes, it's that quick!
✅ Adding fun quizzes and polls to your existing slides - Keeping your students engaged is easier than ever! 🗳️🤩
✅ Uploading an image or scanning text to create a unique lesson - Maia is all about flexibility and creativity!

Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to embrace the power of AI in your teaching journey.Let Maia be your trusty companion in creating captivating lessons that inspire and educate. 🚀
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30 minutes

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